Rental Terms & Conditions

Minimum renter age is 21 years.
Must hold a valid Thai driving license / international driving license or a driving license from a renter’s country of residence (with an English translation).
Must hold Passport/I.D. Card (Thai Residence only)
Must have valid credit card for deposit amount THB 10,000 (Hertz) / THB 5,000 (Thrifty) during car picked up. The deposit will be refunded when rental is completed.
All Valid document.
No charge is made for additional drivers, however, they must be nominated and have their names entered on the rental agreement at the time of rental.

Insurance :
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW):
included in rental rates for self-drive rentals, non - waiverable excess maximum of THB 10,000 will apply for all car groups in the event of damage to vehicle. 

Optional :
Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW):
In case of accident or damages was happened with a car, the amount of Non - waiverable excess will be reduced from THB 10,000 to ZERO Baht for all car groups that can be purchased at the time of rental as follows:
Vehicle Types SCDW Price / day (Inc VAT 7%)
**Remarks: Maximum THB  6,420 per rental
**Fixed excess amount of THB 30,000 will be applied in the event of total loss from accident.
Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) :
is life and medical optional protection plan which provides coverage for our customers and passengers in our vehicle in case of accidental death, dismemberment, loss of sight or permanent disability and medical expenses at the time of rental. Liability and property damage are cover up to THB 1,000,000 per occurrence. It can be purchased at the time of rental for THB 160.50 per day (Included 7%VAT)

Theft Protection (TP) :
In the event that the rental vehicle is stolen, this insurance covers the renter, which relieves the renter of all responsibility for theft of the vehicle. Fixed excess amount of THB 0 (ZERO).

**Fixed excess amount of THB 30,000 will be applied in the event of theft to the rental vehicle. (In case of purchasing no Theft Protection insurance)
Tire Waiver (TW) : 
Collision Damage Waiver(CDW) / Super Collision Damage Waiver(SCDW) does not cover damage to tire(s). It can be waived by optional of Tire Waiver (TW).
Due to the increased risk associated with driving environment. To avoid any cost related to either repairing or replacing tire on the vehicle, we are pleased to offer Tire Waiver (TW) as follows;
THB 30 per day for Economy and Compact and Mini Car
THB 40 per day for Intermediate
THB 70 per day for Standard and Full Size
**Remarks: Maximum THB 1,200 per rental 
Delivery/Collection :
Delivery and collection services are on request basis and must be booked in advance. For delivery and collection services within a 15 km radius of a Hertz locations and done during service hours (08.30 – 17.00), the service is free (minimum 3 days rental). Beyond the 15 km radius of a Hertz location. Before and after office hours, a service fee is chargeable.
In case customers demand to collect or return cars in out of our office hours, for instance, before our hertz locations open or after close (Depend on each Hertz Locations), and demand to have our staff waiting at collection or return locations. Customer have to pay THB 1,000 (Excluding VAT) for an extra charge.

Petrol :
Hertz vehicle is rented out with full tank and must return the same, otherwise the renter will be charged for a refill upon return.

One Way Rental :
One Way Rental is valid for rentals of minimum 3 days with applicable fees. For rentals of more than 5 days, one way fees are waived (except for Sublicense locations at Nan, Phitsanulok and Mae-Sot). 

Reservation/Minimum Rental/Early Return :
Minimum rental charge is for 24 hours. Additional hours will be calculated at ¼ of daily rate. In the event of early return, the charged amount will not be refunded.

Extension of Rental :
For extending your rental beyond the agreed date it is necessary to advise Hertz & Thrifty team minimum 2 days in advance. Additional days will be charged at prevailing counter rates.

Baby Seat :
Infant and toddler car seats are available for a fee and upon request at the time of reservation. THB 321 per day (Included VAT 7%) and up to maximum charge of THB 3,210 (Included VAT 7%)

Navigator :
Navigator are available for a fee and upon request at the time of reservation. THB 214 per day (Included VAT 7%) and up to maximum charge of THB 3,210 (Included VAT 7%) 
- Fine THB 10,000 in case of smelly inside the car e.g. smoking, durians, stinky foods or Pets in the car is prohibited.
- Please keep your belongings before leaving car otherwise we will not responsible for any loss
- In case of loss and damage of sticker or key ring, we reserve the right to charge THB 100.
- In the event of the rental car has been partially flooded or driving a Rental Car through water and cause partially damage to the interior of the car (Car Floor Damage or 50% of the interior damage). The charged of THB 10,000 will be applied in all cases.(Whether the customer purchase SCDW or Not)
- In the event of the rental car has been totally flooded or driving the Rental car through water and cause totally damage to both engine and interior of the car. The charged of THB 30,000 will be applied in all cases. (Whether the customer purchase SCDW or Not)