Unlock Thailand ep.4 | 4088 Road & Roll (Rainy season)

       One of the most famous and exciting roadtrip routes in Thailand is Mae Hong Son Province. Because this province has a complex mountainous terrain. The road curves and turns. There is a beautiful view around the palace making this another province that Thai people have pinned must come every year.

        Usually people who come to Mae Hong Son by car. Will get a certificate to conquer 1864 curves, but for Unlock Thailand, it can't come in a general way. We have to specially put eggs....by traveling in circles. Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Son 4088 curves from

1864 Curve from Mae Hong Son to Mae Sariang to Chiang Mai
2224 Curve Mae Hong Son to Pai to Chiang Mai

        The story of this trip was caused by poppy local BIG BUDDY who took a picture of himself exploring around his house to sign pills for almost a year. Until finally decided to go a bit. but said Wherever you go Let me take a loop tour for a while...

       This time, I would like to start with the rainy season. When the whole province is full of green forests and the image of fog and rain floating on the top of the mountain It's another mission that I have to come and take pictures. And the next part will be in the winter at the end of the year. There will be more to wait to follow.

Travel overview

- I started to rent a car from Hertz Car Rental (they have a discount if booked through the app) from Chiang Mai to Pang Mapha.

- Finished taking photos at Pang Mapha down through the city of Mae Hong Son Best at Hmong House Microwave

- From the Hmong Microwave House Drive to Mae La Noi (stop by Doi Mae U Kho for a while)

- From Mae La Noi to Huai Hom and then go to Chiang Mai, the end of the trip

Ready to go see pictures along with descriptions

P.S. I'm a little glad that this project has reached part 4 ^^

Source : Facebook Page Lifeplorer