Samed Nang Chee

        Another place that landscape lines fall in love over and over again and always find new angles to take photos here is #Samed Nangshe #Phangnga. Today we follow in the footsteps of Ban Hin Rom.
A community by the bay with a beautiful view all day.

        This is located at Takua Thung. Away from Phuket town for a few hours. We travel to the road all the way. In the morning, the weather is good, people smiling greetings all the way. When we arrived in the morning, it was the time when the villagers were about to set sail to fish, so there were boats sailing out of the bay all the time. The long beautiful roads leading into the village were moored on the side of the road to take pictures as well.

        Actually, whoever has the time can come here to give the community a tour and eat fresh seafood as well. Who loves Samet Nangshe and want a picture of a beautiful perspective. Let's come to this place.

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